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"Rehoming Kosciuszko's Wild Horses" 

           Some Brumby Stories...

MALAKI was one of five brumbies that came here in 2012  straight from the wild, passively trapped in the Long Plain / Tantangra area of KNP. He was a young colt of about 18 months old & after I had prepared him for rehoming he went to live with Penelopy, her mum Catherin & their family near Nowra NSW. With their great training & saddle starting he has excelled at various shows & pony club events in their area. He is pictured here with Penelopy  wearing his ribbons at a local Pink Ribbon Day event. I'm very proud of what this young guy has achieved in two years since his capture.

On the right is RIVERGUMS TANGO  who went to live with Sarah & her  family. Tango was trapped near Tantangra Dam in Kosciuszko NP in August 2012 as a young colt of about 6 months of age. Tango was just the sweetest foal to have around during his time here. In the photo Sarah is  seen training Tango under saddle. Interestingly Tango carried the mythical "Prophet's Thumbprint" on his neck, something not too common on the Kossi Brumbies. A special young boy. 

RIVERGUMS ANDRE' belongs to Verity and was trapped in late June 2013 at Bullocks Hill in Nth Kosciuszko NP by NPWS staff. Funnily before his capture Andre' was in the habit of running down to the ranger's utes & stealing the hay from the back as they pulled up to bait the trap yards. He has always been very friendly & curious around people. Verity has been learning horse training with Andre'  and has been working very hard with him. She has now began riding him & will continue educating him under saddle.  

Now living with Zoe, Axyl & their family is RIVERGUMS APPLES. Apples is not a Kosciuszko Brumby but rather she was caught on private land in the Tumbarumba region of NSW in 2009 as a pregnant young mare and gave birth to RIVERGUMS THUNDER in the early hours of Christmas morning 2009.  She came to me a few years ago when her previous owners no longer  had anywhere to keep her. She is saddle started and is a very pretty & gentle Brumby.

RIVERGUMS PEPPERCORN Brumby is a real personality and was trapped at Long Plain in Nth Kossi as a young stallion of about 3 or 4 yrs old in 2011. He is one of my own personal Brumbies, is still a stallion of now about 7 years old and is a very loud & social guy, always calling out to the other horses in other paddocks. He is broken to saddle & has extensive training on the ground also. He is not for breeding, he remains ungelded because I didn't want to alter his very special Brumby stallion personality & also I want to be able to let people experience a mature Brumby stallion up close.

                        Unbridled Festival in Canberra 

On the 15th November I took my Brumby mare RIVERGUMS LADY to Unbridled Festival in Canberra where we exhibited in the Breeds Pavilion. The aim of the day was to inform people and raise public awareness of the situation with the Brumbies that live in and are also removed from Kosciuszko National Park. Also to hopefully raise the number of these beautiful horses that are rehomed by showing people up close an actual Brumby who was caught as a wild horse by NPWS as part of their 'Wild Horse Management Program'  and offering the public some information. 

The day was a huge success and interest from the public was enormous. We were given time to do a demonstration in one of the information arenas in which LADY did herself and the Brumbies of Kosciuszko NP proud putting on a great show in front of the crowd .

LADY was for sale  on the day to the right home and as a result I have found her a wonderful new owner. Lady has come a long way in the last couple of years, being born and living in the wild of Kosciuszko NP until she was caught as an 18/24 month old filly, then being trained up specifically for Unbridled where she demonstrated in front of the people of our nations capital. She's grown into a beautiful young Brumby mare and everyone here at Rivergums wishes her all the very best as she begins her new life.

  On the 3rd of September 2015 I brought 5 new Brumbies who were trapped only a couple of days earlier here to RIVERGUMS for handling and ultimately to be rehomed. Passively trapped by NPWS staff in the Tantangra area of Kosciuszko NP they are 2 young fillies, 2 young colts & a mature stallion. They are extremely quiet for wild horses with the stallion not being scared of humans at all right from his first moment here. They are all settling in very well & I'm looking forward to beginning work with them and preparing them for their domestic life. 

Rivergums Brumby Horses Geoff Court