Rivergums Brumby Horses

"Rehoming Kosciuszko's Wild Horses" 

I'd like to introduce you to the Brumbies I have living here at the moment, some are my own personal horses, & others are set to be rehomed as they are made ready.

 I aim to take out the 'cheapness' sometimes associated with Brumbies by offering them very well handled  and prepared, this may be reflected in my prices. When someone takes home one of my Brumbies I want to present them with a horse they will value & respect.

All males are sold gelded.

 I've included information on them in their descriptions. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more or to visit Rivergums to meet them.

PLEASE NOTE, that as at 31st Oct 2018 due to present commitments in preparing Brumbies for rehoming I don't have any Brumbies available for immediate sale. In saying that, if you still have interest in rehoming a Brumby but are not in a rush, please feel welcome to drop me a line as I have taken a group of  four foals direct from NPWS trapping  winter 2017 and will be offering them for rehoming sale in the 2019 new year.

This is JEMIMA, she is my first Brumby. She was trapped by NPWS in 2009 near Yarrangobilly Caves in Kosciuszko NP as a 6 month old foal. She is strawberry roan in colour which is not very common. She is one of my own personal horses. Not for sale

This is RIVERGUMS LIGHTNING. He was Passively trapped by NPWS staff in the Bullocks Hill area of Kosciuszko NP in late June 2013 as a colt of approximately 18 months old. He is gelded, has been very well handled & is an intelligent young boy who  learns quickly and is ready to begin his training under saddle. Very handsome bay with two white back feet and a white lightning bolt mark on his fore head. While his training is having a break while I get ready for Unbridled I have spent a lot of time on him and he is for sale to a good home and so wouldn't take much to get ready if the situation was to arise. As of 27th May 2018 LIGHTNING is now sold.

RIVERGUMS LADY, a beautiful young  chestnut mare with a lovely friendly personality to match. Lady was trapped in August 2012 in the Long Plain area of KNP as a filly of approx' 18 months old. She has grown to be a touch over 14hh and she is fully saddle started. She is strong and fit and very forward moving but is also happy to just stroll along if needed., a very sensible girl to ride. I am presently putting a lot of work into her as I plan to take her for my exhibition at the 'Unbridled Festival in Canberra' on the 15th of November 2014. Following that I may offer her for sale to the right home. Come along to the festival & meet us in person.  (12th Jan 2015; following Unbridled LADY was rehomed to a wonderful new home. I wish her the very best in her new life.)

This is RIVERGUMS BROWN BRUMBY.  Passively trapped near Tantangra Dam in August 2012 at about 18 -24 months old  he is a big, gentle and very respectful guy. At near 15hh he is one of the bigger Nth Kossi Brumbies. He carries the word 'Brumby' in his name because I believe he eppitimises what a Brumby is. He is big, gentle, affectionate, sensible, but still very aware of his own self.  He's gelded and very easy to handle, he is a beautiful horse & one of my favourites. I' take him out on trail rides on the lead rope sometimes when I am riding my Brumby stallion 'Peppercorn'. I'll prepare him for rehoming if the right home arises for him. $1000. Brown Brumby has now been sold and in late May 2018 went off to be saddle started for his new owner, following that he will then go to live at his new home.

RIVERGUMS THUNDER, Thunder is a gelding born in captivity on Christmas day  2009, the son of RIVERGUMS APPLES who was caught on private land in the Tumbarumba area as a pregnant young mare  some months before Thunder's birth. He is a very handsome & fit athletic man. He is gelded and has a beautiful long thick black main, striking white face markings along with four white socks & a bit of silver in his tail. At around 14hh he will make a real 'show horse'  but not a Kosciuszko Brumby, I got him and his mother a few years ago when his previous owners couldn't keep them. At this stage not available for sale.

This is one of the two still unhandled Brumbies I have here, Known here as the RIVERGUMS BAY STALLION. At 15hh he is a big Kosciuszko Brumby. He was passively trapped in the Bullocks Hill area of the park in late June 2013. I estimated him to be around 4 years old  then and he is a very good looking big guy. He will be lured into the yards with food when his turn for training comes up but till then he is living happily in the paddock with a few of the other boys and loves to come up for a pat & take hay  treats from our hands. Not yet for sale.

This little fellow has had a little handling late last year but nothing since so I consider him to be unhandled as well. He is known as the RIVERGUMS LITTLE GUY. Trapped With Lightning & The Bay Stallion I guess him to be around 30 months old as at Oct 2014. A very pretty little dark chestnut horse who at around 14 hh I think will one day make a nice little girls horse. But for now he is not yet ready for sale but I would say he won't be hard to prepare when his turn comes up so I could get him ready on request if the need arose.  ( As at 12th Jan 2015 I'm now preparing him for an interested new owner) He is Sold. In September 2015 he went to live with his very happy new owner fully saddle trained.

The RIVERGUMS PEPPERCORN Brumby. Peppercorn was passively trapped in the Long Plain area of Kosciuszko NP  as a mature stallion. As a still ungelded brumby stallion he is one of my own personal horses and is fully saddle started by myself being used for stock work, trail riding & giving people the opportunity to meet a mature Brumby stallion up close. He is a real personality around here & knows he has the looks to match I think. Pictured here playing with Thunder back in December 2011. Not for sale

Rivergums Brumby Horses Geoff Court