Rivergums Brumby Horses

"Rehoming Kosciuszko's Wild Horses" 

Work with the 'straight from the wild'  Brumbies  here at Rivergums is done single handedly by myself, Geoff Court.

I became interested in what was happening with the wild horses, called Brumbies, captured by the National Parks & Wildlife Service's 'wild horse management program' in Kosciuszko National Park back in 2010 & in 2011 I decided I had the skills, facilities & was well located  to bring some of these unhandled horses here to train and introduce to domestic life. Since then I have been taking a number of Brumbies each year straight from the program to handle, train, geld males etc' using modern horsemanship methods to ultimately sell on to  new homes where they can be utilised  as tough, willing and loyal partners at a wide range of activities within our horse society.

Rivergums Brumby Horses Geoff Court