Rivergums Brumby Horses

"Rehoming Kosciuszko's Wild Horses" 


Located on the South West Slopes of NSW on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River an hour & 45 minutes from Canberrra I bring 'straight from the wild' Brumbies here from the National Parks & Wildlife Service's 'Wild Horse Management Program" in Kosciuszko NP where I introduce them to being around people, I train them & get them accustomed to the general life of a domesticated horse before offering them for sale for rehoming.

All of my Kosciuszko Brumbies have been 'passively trapped' under the program which is conducted to control horse numbers in the fragile landscape of the park. Many of the trapped horses are sent direct to slaughter as there is simply not enough homes to offer so many unhandled horses, but a percentage are taken by people with the required skills to train them and give them a chance at domesticated life.

Generally, once they overcome their fear of humans, and some are more fearful than others Brumbies are very good learners, have great temperaments and are very tough & hardy horses. There average size is around 14hh / 14.1hh which combined with there normally calm temperaments make them great kids horses or a fine horse for a lighter adult. Some do grow to the 15hh mark and some a little smaller.  Kosciuszko Brumbies come in a wide range of colours with quite a few chestnuts which have some nice white markings. 

All of my Brumbies are sold with their own NPWS Capture Certificate to prove their authenticity, are well handled, had their feet trimmed , taught to float load & males gelded. Basically unless they are a little bit younger they are ready to take home and saddle start.  I do saddle start the occasional horse to offer for sale as time permits.

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Geoff Court

Rivergums Brumby Horses

   SOME RIVERGUMS BRUMBY NEWS; On the  November 2016 RIVERGUMS BRUMBY HORSES took two of the Rivergums Brumbies to Queanbeyan Show to participate in a full ring of Brumby Classes. Verity showed RIVERGUMS ANDRE' in both the 'led' and 'ridden' classes and placed well in several of them, including 2nd place in the 'Led Adult Handler' class. I showed RIVERGUMS STAR, a young filly trapped  from the wild at Tantangra Dam just 15 months earlier and only 4 months earlier was still pretty much unhandled in all possible 'led' Brumby classes. Star won every Brumby Class I entered her in and then went on to win 'Champion Led Brumby' of the Show. Verity & Rivergums Andre' and myself with Rivergums Star place 2nd and 1st in the 'Led Adult Handler' class.

Rivergums Star was then rehomed and went to live at her wonderful new home two weeks after the show so we wish her all the very best in her new life.

Rivergums Brumby Horses Geoff Court